Farmers Market: Mouthwatering Winter Citrus


sweet, juicy, easy to peel and almost always seedless

cross between a mandarin and sweet orange

sweeter than many oranges (less acid), making it one of the most popular citrus for snacking

in season: november-january

side note: nicknamed the “christmas orange”  because clementine season is very short and typically peaks around…you guessed it, christmas



perfect balance of sweet and tart

look for a slight pinkish blush rind and medium-sized fruit rather than huge, which can be dry

in season: december-april

side note: these are my absolute favorite of all the citrus and not just because the name is fun to say out loud



tiny, tart and delicious, you can eat these whole – rind, seed, everything

in season: november-march

side note: cutest in the citrus family



mostly grown in texas

sweeter and juicer than other types

in season: october-april

side note: wait until you try our saint ruby cocktail –available at all locations soon….texas friends, you know what i’m talking about



beautiful crimson fruit/juice inside, sweet and tender, great for cocktails

in season: december- april

side note: juice these and add to your fav margarita recipe- so. friggin. good.



cousin to the clementine, small, not as sweet as the clementine and seedy

 in season: october-january

 side note: all though it sounds like i have something against tangerines, i swear i don’t



pale green to yellow when ripe, with sweet white (or, more rarely, pink or red) flesh

tastes like a sweet, mild grapefruit

in season: fall- april



rounder than a true lemon, skin is fragrant and thin

color appears a deep yellow with a slight orange tint when ripe

taste sweeter, less acidic then true lemons

in season: december- may

side note: my mama grows these at home and they are just divine – i eat them straight, great for salads and desserts

These ombré hued blood oranges were grown on a private farm in Malibu, California. Photo by Chef Sarah Hendrix

These ombré hued blood oranges were grown on a private farm in Malibu, California. Photo by Chef Sarah Hendrix

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words by (self proclaimed citrus enthusiast) R. Simms