What Would You Do With $100?

Food, people, community, books, good deeds, sunshine.

What do these all have in common? These are all good things. There’s nothing like a good book, or a good group of friends, or doing something to support the greater good in your community.

This summer at Lazy Dog, we wanted a motto that would sum up how we feel about the best things in life.

And so, “All Things Good” was born.

The cool thing about this motto is that it can mean something different to every person.

We wanted to explore this concept even further, specifically with our teammates. So what we did was give each of our restaurants $100. The instructions were simple: do something good with it.

With such vague instruction, the possibilities really were endless. What would our teammates do with the money they were given? Donate it, invest it, buy something with it? Needless to say, we were eager to see the final results.

We were not let down.

We brought the training staff from each restaurant together to present to the other members of the company what they had chosen to do with their money. Not only were each of the stories diverse, but they all did a great job of capturing our motto of “All Things Good.”


Take our Cerritos store. They chose to buy something with the money, food to be exact. And with the food purchased, they were able to feed homeless people in Long Beach.

The inspiration behind their good deed was simple: they just wanted to find people who needed food and give it to them.

Simple, right? Yet, to those who received the food, the gesture was anything but simple.

Team Vegas stayed true to the Lazy Dog theme and partnered with the Second Chance Dog Rescue. At the fundraiser they organized, they raised $1,000 worth of food and supplies for the dogs. On top of that, two dogs were adopted from the shelter that day!

Even our furry friends can benefit from “All Things Good.”

Perhaps one of the most moving stories we heard that day came from our West Covina location.

The first thing they did was donate the $100 in gift cards and some Lazy Dog T-Shirts to the Lymphoma Society. This was initially chosen because a Teammate from West Covina lost someone very close to them due to Lymphoma.

But they did not think that was enough for Lazy Dog. They knew there was more good to be done.

They found a school in the community called Walnut Grove Elementary which is a school for children who are struggling or don’t have a lot of money. So Team West Covina reached out to the school and asked what they could do to help.

The school was in need of basic supplies, and so West Covina set up fundraisers, a Go Fund Me Account, a raffle, organized a yard sale, and got the word out on social media that they were raising money for school supplies.

Overall, they were able to raise more than $800 for the school.

The character of our teammates really came out in the things they did, because they constantly kept asking what else they could do to make more of a difference.

So what does this all mean?

 At Lazy Dog, we believe in good things like those irreplaceable friends, or your favorite book, or that one Lazy Dog drink that just hits the spot. But it’s also about the good things that can be done right in our own communities.

Our company experienced firsthand what it looked and felt like to live out “All Things Good.” We learned from each other and taught one another what it meant to radiate good things to those around us.

This summer, think about small ways you can give back to your community. You’d be surprised how much helping others can show you “All Things Good” in life. 

words by Hannah McCauley

Hannah hails from Lake Arrowhead, California where she is a big sister two her two younger  siblings. She is currently studying Journalism at Biola University and we were lucky to have her as a summer intern. Hannah has set the bar for future Lazy Dog Home Office interns and we wish her the best of luck in the coming school year.