Dallas is for Dreamers

Next week we will open our doors in Addison at the Village on the Parkway. This will be our first location in Texas and we couldn't be more excited to join the community. During a recent interview for an upcoming blog post, I ended up taking a deeper look at the past century in this northern suburb of Dallas called Addison. Now more then ever,  it feels like we have picked the perfect place to settle down and start our Lazy Dog Texas family. You see,  Addison has always been a place for dreamers to settle down and start their own businesses. Addison has a history weaved with hard work and prosperity and it’s an honor to have the opportunity to become a part of the future of this bustling community.

Preston Witt (center) with his brother and brother-in-law ,  was one of the first recorded settlers to the Addison area

Preston Witt (center) with his brother and brother-in-lawwas one of the first recorded settlers to the Addison area

Let me start from the very beginning. Back in in 1846, Addison was referred to as Peters Colony. Twin brothers Preston and Pleasant Witt were among the first settlers who built a house near White Rock Creek. Next came Sidney Smith Noell and his wife Nannie who lived on what was called the Spring Farm,  located near present-day Alfred J. Loos Stadium. Soon the railroads were going up and connecting all of the major cities in Texas. Mr. Noell granted the right-of-way of passage on his property to the St. Louis, Arkansas and Texas Railway in exchange for a coaling station. This station later became known as Noell Junction.

S.S. Noell & family pictured at their home

Come 1902, the cotton gin became the the first major industry in town and was opened on Addison Road by the Pistole brothers. They built their business based on American inventor Eli Whitney's cotton gin machine which had revolutionized cotton production by quickly separating fibers from seeds and allowing for much greater productivity than manual cotton separation.

Addison Robertson, far left 

Two years later,  a post office opened but to avoid misdirecting mail to an already existing city named Noell, postal authorities asked for another name to be submitted. That name was Addison, after Mr. Addison Robertson, a local carpenter and Civil War veteran. He later became became the second postmaster in 1908.

The town continued to grow after the post office and train stations were built. Addison eventually incorporated in 1953 to avoid absorption by Dallas and to maintain their independence. At this time the population was only 600 before the Addison Airport was built three years later. 

downtown Addison in the 1920's

In 1975, an election to allow liquor to be served by the drink in town was a major attribute to the quick expansion of businesses. You see, at the time, most of Dallas was still “dry” making Addison instantly more attractive for restaurant and bar owners.

In 1982, Addison began referring to themselves as the “town of Addison” vs “city” and it has been that way ever since. 

Today Addison is said to be DFW’s ideal destination to live, work and play. The 4.4-square mile town is home to 5 public parks and hosts over 22 major events a year including the annual Addison Kaboom Town and Oktoberfest.  More than 500,000 firework fans come each year for Kaboom, which is ranked in the top three fireworks shows in the nation. And according to Forbes, Addison’s Oktoberfest, which coincides with the beginning of Munich’s celebration, is one of the most authentic in the United States.

I looked in to it. This three day German fest is legit. It just so happens that Addison Oktoberfest coincides with our restaurant opening.


The festival is September 17th- 20th and kicks off with the Official Tapping of the Keg by the Mayor followed by three days of awesomeness. Highlights include Bier Barrel events, a pretzel run agility course, a Dachshund Dash, German Spelling Bee and if that isn’t enough to spark your interest, German Idol is back this year - Addison’s original Yodeling Competition. Word on the street is that you don't want to miss this contest. Write this down :  Friday night, 9pm, Yodeling throw-down on the Bowl Stage.

Dachshund Dash aside, we are thrilled to have hired 200 new teammates from the area and can't wait to open our doors and serve the community of Addison. Each new restaurant opening still feels like the first one for us and this one couldn't be sweeter. We are proud to be supporting the Local Warren Center for children with developmental differences during our three days of mock runs leading up to the opening. Teammates will be inviting in their family and friends as well as  local business owners for an early sneak peek next week.

More to come on our mock run fundraiser results, opening week in Texas and of course, the results of this year's Yodeling Contest. Stay tuned.